Green Building Recommendations 2019

Despite almost 3 decades of progress on green building internationally, and marked success made in reductions in energy and water consumption and solid waste disposal, many of the ingredients and processes used to manufacture and install common building materials are still quite toxic.

In early 2019, Austin Energy Green Building began a process to update its voluntary rating system for Single Family and Apartment buildings.  These Recommendations were submitted as ideas for removal of toxic building materials, as well as energy and water reduction.

Relatively speaking, not a lot of people see the dangers of toxic building materials.  While global warming is producing dramatic climate changes that are increasingly difficult to ignore, dangers of toxic building products are often more subtle than hurricanes and heat waves.

Unless you are the one that gets sick.

The dangers are quite real, and Austin can serve as a role model for the country by being the first to limit or ban these materials in new homes.

Click the picture below to download the Recommendations.